Why Indatus is now part of the RealPage family

June 2, 2015 was a monumental day for Indatus and RealPage. Last Tuesday we officially announced that RealPage acquired select assets of Indatus for $49 million. This major transaction combines two unmatched prospect and resident solutions in the multifamily industry.

With a big move like this, there are usually more questions than an episode of Jeopardy! We’re hoping to answer a majority of those for you here. (Don’t worry…we’ll refrain from answering in the form of a question).

Why did Indatus sell?

One of the obvious questions when a company decides to sell is “why?” Why would a growing company want to sell their assets to another company in their space? The answer can be broken down into two main reasons:

Focus and Scale: Indatus began as a telecommunication company. Indatus essentially started from nothing and transformed into an industry leader with Answer Automation. Even after becoming the nation’s leading automated answering service, Indatus still had room to grow and examined its options. After looking at these options from every angle, Indatus decided to partner with RealPage as the best way to grow the business quickly and to provide new options, flexibility and even greater value to their combined customer base. RealPage has the resources and the scale to invest in solution development and to provide the members of the Indatus team with new opportunities for growth.

Innovation: The acquisition will see the development of seamlessly integrated live agent and smart answer automation solutions. These solutions will be part of Level One, the prospect and resident management business unit at RealPage. The strength and reliability of the combined solution offering is unmatched in the industry, and that excites us!

Why did RealPage acquire Indatus?

Another obvious question is “Why would RealPage want to buy Indatus?” Other than the fact that President Obama called Indatus ”Guys with cool beards…”, there are a couple of other reasons:

Perfect Product Alignment: RealPage’s live agent solution, Level One, has been the leader in capturing and qualifying leads and generating appointments about leasing opportunities through phone calls, chats and email. By combining Level One’s live agents with Answer Automation’s smart automated call-handling abilities, RealPage can now offer by far the most robust set of solutions in the industry.

President of Level One at RealPage Michael Daley said,

“Live agent response is the most effective way to significantly increase capture rates for leads and improve resident satisfaction on service calls, but new smart answer automation capabilities fill a need for some properties wanting a low-touch option for calls to be answered and managed. We believe the capabilities acquired through Indatus give us the ability to offer compelling new products, including a powerful new solution that captures maintenance calls through answer automation, transcribes the calls with our live agents and injects a service request seamlessly into any property management system, greatly increasing tracking accuracy and the effectiveness of the local maintenance technicians.”

RealPage is Always Looking to Be the Best: RealPage has been known to acquire companies they believe will give them strategic advantage and will strengthen the RealPage brand as the industry leader. “If you can’t beat them, buy them,” a wise man once said! RealPage always wants to make their offerings better, so they are willing to acquire companies that have specific strengths.

What does this Acquisition mean for Customers?

Many current Answer Automation customers may be wondering what the acquisition of Indatus and Answer Automation means to them and their company. We’ve already heard questions from customers so we wanted to address those we’ve heard so far and reassure you that the acquisition will not change the current service in a negative way.

Your smart answer automation service is already the leader in the industry. The acquisition means better alignment and integration with all RealPage products and services. RealPage has a large portfolio of great products to which Indatus customers will gain better access. Our product teams are completely focused on making our combined offering one that helps drive results for your business and delivers a great customer experience for your residents, prospects and team.

What this doesn’t mean for customers: Don’t expect sudden changes in service or radio silence. We plan to keep you fully informed as we move forward, including information about upcoming releases, new products and new integration opportunities.

Any questions or concerns will still be taken care of by our (now larger than ever) customer care team.

Looking Forward to the Future

Indatus and RealPage are thrilled with the acquisition and we’re excited to see what the future has in store. We want to grow with you and make sure that you get the value and service you’ve come to expect from us. We look forward to showing you what this partnership can bring and hope you’re just as excited as we are!