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Answer Automation Reports gives you the data to determine your property's strengths and weaknesses.

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See How Your Property Compares

How does your Maintenance staff compare against others? See your property’s average compared to your portfolio, management company, or even the industry!

Company Portfolio Industry Your Property EmergencyResponse On-SiteCheck-In TotalWork TotalResolution EmergencyResponse On-SiteCheck-In TotalWork TotalResolution 4min 9min 23min 35min 5min 8min 30min 42min 6min 7min 28min 45min 7min 7min 32min 40min VS

Calls by the Hour

When are most of your emergency messages occurring? Now you’ll know using detailed call analytics broken out by Hour, Day, Week and Month.

AM PM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total Daily Calls Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Today This Week This Month Total Calls 874

Dive Deep Into Each Call

When an incident needs to be reviewed, the new Call Path feature will show all the activity in order from the time a call comes in to the time its resolved.

Date / TimeFri, 6:02am CallerJack Tripper Emergency4 min Resolution35 min StatusResponded Fri, 6:02am Resident left a message Fri, 6:03am On-call staff was called Fri, 6:04am No answer from Joe Davidson Answered by Bill Sanders Fri, 6:06am Fri, 6:08am Resident call was returned Fri, 6:10am Messaged claimed by Bill Sanders Fri, 6:19am On-site check-in by Bill Sanders Fri, 6:52am On-site check-out by Bill Sanders Maintenance Tech Bill Sanders Emergency Reponse4 min On-Site Check-In9 min I had to run out to Lowes and pick up a new gasket. Total Work23 minTotal Resolution35 min

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