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Answer Automation

The nation’s most trusted answering service.

Answers, routes and collects data on routine, leasing and emergency calls when your staff is unavailable.

Answer Automation greets your callers with a professionally-voiced message and menu options. General inquiries, after-hour emergencies and leasing calls will be promptly delivered anywhere you choose. Data is collected on every call and can be reviewed online, so you always have a clear picture of your call activity.

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Emergency Call Handling

Answer Automation’s online tools put you in control of your emergency call list, allowing you to review how every call was handled, so you’ll know your business is ready when the unexpected strikes.

Nine levels of peace-of-mind

Nine slots on your emergency call roster means you can fill them with first-string maintenance techs and customer service staff. When an emergency message comes in, we sequentially call each slot and keep working until the message is heard.

Record calls and protect privacy

When a member of your staff calls a resident back about an emergency message, their number can be kept private using our Call Shield feature. These phone interactions are recorded and stored online for later review.

Mobile Maintenance App

Your most important maintenance tool. Watch the video.

Extend your emergency maintenance service by tracking work time, issue resolution, and maintenance tickets. Produce powerful new metrics that will help you with resident retention and maintenance team accountability.

On-site check-in

Maintenance techs can quickly check-in on site to let the team know they have responded to an emergency.

Collect resident information

Does your resident like to be called Sue instead of Susan? Your techs can help keep your data current.

On-site photos

Track emergency issues better by having your techs snap an on-site photo of the completed work or damaged areas.


Notes can be entered directly from the mobile app by your maintenance techs. For example, “Resident has large dog; need to check pet deposit.”

On-site check-out

Techs can check-out once an emergency is resolved to track issue resolution times and close open tickets.

Resident signatures

Ensure your residents are satisfied with your emergency service by collecting a resident signature directly from the app.


The clearest picture in the industry.

We’ve combined the power of our Mobile Maintenance App with our Answering Service. The new Reports introduces brand new metrics and features designed to dive deeply into the performance, accountability and timeliness of your maintenance staff when responding to emergency maintenance requests.

All Calls Dashboard

Message Totals

See how many messages were left and a breakdown of each call type with the Average Per Unit.

Highest Activity

See what time the majority of calls are left and make sure you’re staffed up to meet the demand.

Emergency Messages Dashboard

Call Path

“Indatus makes emergency calls seamless and simple. It’s one simple step for our techs, which leads to really fast total response times.”
— Patti Potterton, Ribbon Mill Apartments

To get started call (800) 727-4246. Or sign up here.